Tim+Tim is a creative studio offering art direction and design. Re­cent commis­sions include cre­ative di­rection for Sudek Project (with Martin Groch); vi­su­al identity for Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (with Hort); exhi­bi­tion design for Mu­se­um Marta Herford; book projects with Bielefelder Kunstvere­in; and ongo­ing cre­ative consultancy for Nike.

Invalidenstraße 145
10115 Berlin

+49 30 81895132

We have no vacancies at the moment.


Credits: Künstlerhaus Mousonturm; Tanzplattform Deutschland in collaboration with Anne Büttner for Hort
Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii; Nike Bas­ketball for Hort
Sudek Project in collaboration with Martin Groch
Marta Herford in collab­oration with Rebecca Butzlaff
Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii; photography by Michael Kohls
Nike Basketball X NBA photography by Jalan & Jibril Durimel
Carpe Diem Records photography by Marion Denis and Alexander Gehring
Serhat Isik photography by Kirchknopf & Grambow
Code by #0

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